Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Skinnery - Women's Soft Realistic Skins

Satie comes through with another great find, this is a small skin designer making gorgeous ultra realistic skins and really nice shapes and makeup. L$800 - L$990.


Similar Italian Footwear - Women's Couture Shoes

I have been meaning to blog Similar for simply ages but now that I'm on a roll I'm finally getting there!  Seeing them pop up occasionally on MP they looked nice and a visit to the store was pretty wow for the great variety and wow for the price which reminds me of some other very high end shoe designers.  The designs are very unique and gorgeous and the texturing is exquisite.  Lots of stilettos and boots, some cute sandals too from L$600 - L$950.


NN Designs - Women's Sexy Urban Casuals

This is a nice take on urban casuals with a nice variety of different pieces and outfits.  Jean shorts, jeans, skirts, sweaters, jackets, jumpsuits.. lots of fun stuff with nice texturing.  Not fancy but good every day wear from L$99 - L$490.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

LaViere & Tee*fy - Women's Cute Casuals

I'm on a roll with cute casual places today!  Another one and I don't know which of them all is the cutest, but at least I'll keep you busy for a while lol  These are adorable adorable mesh tops and skirts and shorts and dresses from L$150 - L$350.  They have some hairs too but I need a guinea pig tester...


PurpleMoon - Women's Couture Casuals and Formals

Much thanks to my sweet friend Fayly for recommending this huge beautiful store.  The designs are unique and texturing is gorgeous.  From casual outfits, skirts, tops, pants, formal gowns and cocktail dresses and even some vintage and jewelry, you'll find something you like especially if you're going out.  From L$55 - L$725 the prices are amazingly reasonable.


Cold Logic - Women's Cute Summery Casuals and Business Casual

My dear friend Satie recommended Cold Logic and it's super cute casual.  I know a lot of girls like this style and I haven't blogged many like it so hope you enjoy! :o)  Skirts, dresses, tops, sweaters, pants and more from L$150 - L$450.


Countdown La Mode - Women's Elegant Casuals and Formals

I was nearly despairing of finding great new stores but was so happy to find this one with some very elegant casual and formal outfits.  Very broad range of styles with a European flair.  Long and short dresses, pants, jackets, lingerie, bathing suits from L$250 - L$550.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cancoon - Women's Cute Casuals

Very cute designs and wonderful texturing, good selection of full outfits and fun summer dresses. From L$398 to L$469 for the newer designs and L$99 for older works.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Patron Furniture - The Art & Design of Eliza Wierwight

While shopping for new furniture and being the picky person that I am I was thrilled when my dear friend Lauren introduced me to Patron.  The designs are unique and exquisitely crafted with excellent texturing and animations.  These are some of the most elegant furnishings I have seen in SL and not inexpensive but worth every Linden...


Tribal Bamboo - Women's Sexy Sophisticated Outfits

I know I know, it's been simply ages since I've posted but I'm back for a bit and will have a few new worthwhile finds.  My lovely friend Caliope had just gotten a cute dress from this store and I had to check it out.  Really nice designs, mostly casuals and some lingerie and some jeans, all the outfits have great texturing and they ranged from L$240 to most of the new outfits were all L$315.